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Acne is the most common skin condition in America and affects an estimated 50 million people each year. For those who suffer from acne, the condition can impact their confidence and self-esteem. Because acne so frequently affects adolescents, However, receiving treatment from a dermatologist can restore their self-image. The team at Coastal Family Dermatology offers comprehensive acne treatment, no matter how severe your particular case may be. Finding an appointment time at our San Luis Obispo, California office is fast and easy with the online scheduling tool.

Acne Q & A

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What is acne and how does it develop?

Everyone experiences an occasional pimple or skin breakout, especially during adolescence. Acne, however, is a chronic inflammatory disease that affects your skin. Acne can cause pimples, whiteheads, blackheads, and nodules.

Oil glands underneath your skin connect to your skin's pores. They create a substance called sebum. Follicles between your oil glands and pores allow sebum to transport dead skin cells out to the surface or your skin.

When your follicles get clogged, the sebum and dead skin cells become trapped and begin to build up into a plug. Bacteria in the plug creates swelling, which presents the pimples that are characteristic of acne.

It’s essential to find an effective treatment for acne, as scarring can develop if acne is persistent or severe.

Does chocolate or greasy food cause acne?

Chocolate, greasy foods, stress, and dirty skin don’t contribute to acne. However, researchers believe that acne may be caused by:

  • Genetic factors
  • Certain medications
  • Fluctuating hormones
  • Using certain greasy skin products that block pores

How is acne treated by a dermatologist?

Several over-the-counter products can help clear up mild acne. However, many people who experience moderate to severe acne turn to a dermatologist for effective and lasting treatment options.

Dermatologists carefully assess your skin and determine the severity of your acne. Treatment usually begins with topical prescription medicines that can help unblock your clogged pores.

If topical medications are not sufficient, or if your acne is severe, your doctor may prescribe an oral antibiotic to address the bacteria that creates inflammation. There are several options, but each comes with a set of side effects.

For women or teenage girls, oral contraceptives can help control acne by suppressing the function of your oil glands. This approach may be a good option for teens who are considering sexual activity.

If other treatment options are ineffective, your dermatologist may suggest isotretinoin, a strong prescription retinoid drug that can address cystic acne. To begin a treatment path back toward healthy, clear skin, schedule a consultation with Coastal Family Dermatology today.

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